mid race crash

hi, I’m new to zwift having joined this week and so far am loving it and have really enjoyed a couple of races.

this evening I joined the KISS Sunday Europe race at 20.05, along with a friend (who is also new) it started fine and then all of a sudden I was riding alone and there were no other riders on the course… my friends race also crashed.

is this normal? and is there a solution to it?

it was really frustrating. Thanks

It has happened a lot this week in races and just riding.

I just want Zwift to post when it has been resolved.

I really don’t want to enter a race and then find out that this issue is still be worked on.

Once the race starts, I don’t want to drop out and lose points.

But, I really really want to race the Zwift Tour and later sprint with Cav.

Yes, since posting my original question I’ve noticed quite a few others having similar problems.

i had difficulty logging on last night, and then riders kept disappearing.

hopefully it’s relolved soon, as I’m really enjoying it so far, apart from the problems.


Experienced the same three times over three days now. I see that Zwift released an update with bug fixes today. Hopefully that’ll resolve it.