Microsoft TEAMS and Zwift = crash

During the past few month I experience some crashing of Zwift during my training. I’m on a new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with the Intel Core i5-1035G4 10th generation, 8Go ram LPDDR4x and the Intel Iris Plus Graphics.

So, I made some test with runing Zwift with no other application open on my computer and I never experience a crash. Or, if I let Microsoft TEAMS open, during the my training around 40 min after I start, Zwift freeze each time. I don’t know if we can find a bug there, but there is something to investigate. Thanks !

I may totally off base here but TEAMS allows you to pair a BT device for let’s say communication. If you are using BT for Zwift and TEAMS is trying to use BT to pair with a headset or earbuds you may have a conflict. This is just a thought with no real data but I’d be curious to know if you are pairing your trainer using BT and if in TEAMS under settings>devices you have anything enabled.

40 minutes is pretty close to the default screenshot time. I wonder if there’s a conflict between Zwift and MS Teams’ screen capture functionality when that screenshot is triggered. Try taking a manual screenshot and see if you can reproduce the crash.