Metronom Legs ERG Mode

I wish an option in erg mode the avatars legs would rotate in the RPM the training wants me to spin.

This would make it easy to visually adapt the cadence instead of looking to a small number on the screen and then over- & underrotate until I find the right cadence.

Like a leg metronom. What do you think?

I think most people just look at the numbers.

I think it’s better to show what you’re doing than what you should be doing.

If we would have real time cadence tracking on every trainer I might agree but in my Case (TacX Neo) there is a delay of Cadence and sometimes Zwift is saying for some seconds „80“ followed by „105“ but reality was I cycleded around 92 pretty proper.

This „sometimes“ is pretty permanent and to be true I have often no idea if Im really loosing a little cadence or its just a measuring thing.

I think this might appear because the trainer can only estimate cadence because of power fluctuation on the chain movement. I mean 1 rpm is not really measured - depending on gear its more or less chain movement so Neo Trainer must estimate because of power fluctuation of chain rotation which seems not always to run proper.

I just think a Button to activate Avatars Metronom Legs within the Settings wouldnt hurt those who are fine with the numbers.

If you want real-time and accurate cadence its probably better to get a dedicated cadence sensor (I think Wahoo have a BT/ANT compatible one) and then use your bike computer (or equivalent Android/iOS app) to view it (I’m not sure if Zwift display the data after a round trip to the server or locally in the client).

Thets the point. I don‘t need real time cadence but so the cadence is innacurate the cadence numbers do not work good for regulation of cadence training. Sure you can upgrade technically. But does everyone need to?

Exactly the point where my Metronom Legs of the avatar starts making its sense.

For all cyclists who just need a little optical support to find the cadence without the will to spent extra money to sensors.