metric century charity challenge info

 well first where can I find the info on the website since I cant find it.

also how does it work, like do I have to complete it in one go or is it accumulated? if the latter how does it work since I had reenter the challenge on every ride now

Don’t know what info you are looking for.

You do have to do it in 1 go, that is the challenge.

that’s what I needed thanks, and also this is what I mean by info. it doesn’t say 1 go or accumulated(and before I go on yes I’m new to zwift). zwift gives a month to complete the challenge so I think accumulated. it would be nice to be able to read about the challenge on this site with full clarification. I may be an idiot to some but I had to ask.

No problem with being new, happens to all of us.

Just had a bit of a problem with your sentence, so was not sure what you meant.

You do have 1 month to complete from the start of the introduction of the challenge, given you the choice to do it within the next few weeks.

However, when you start, you have to finish it in one go. 

So far, all challenges are structured that way.

I am glad to be of help.

{ I may be a muppet to some, but at least there is a clue in the name)