Messaging Problem

During a ride or event, If I use the M hotkey to send a message, I get the popup to type the message as expected.

But, when typing the message, characters typed in the message window can get misinterpreted as either hot keys or even windows commands. This makes typing chat messages impossible, other than using the companion app to do it.

I cannot find others complaining about this, so maybe it is something I am doing in my setup ? I run a win-10 laptop, pretty much use defaults for everything.

Thanks for any advice,

Marlborough, MA, USA

Can you give us an example? What sort of characters are you typing that get interpreted as something else?

The only place I’m aware of this happening is in the pens before an event, where you can click outside the input box which makes it inactive (so keyboard inputs are interpreted as commands instead of text). In those instances you have to click back into the text box with your mouse to resume typing. I don’t think it should occur when just bringing up the message box once riding.