Message not received on Companion

Need help as I do not what to do more. Because my Companion app on my iPhone does not receive any direct message at all. iPhone is on the same network as my Mac Mini who runs zwift. I’m able to send direct message to my friend who receives them on his iPhone, but when he replies I did not receive any thing… I uninstall/resintall both zwift, Companion… but no change.

Any guess ?

have you turned chat off in the settings of the game?

Hum. Did not remember deactivating the option but I will check. Thanks for the tip.

Hey, good catch. Thanks it worked now, just by switching on again for all kind of messages. Indeed, strange that I have to unlock group message to have direct message. But anyway, it’s working fine now.

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It shuts chat off completely, maybe zwift can implement it where group chat is off but can still get private messages

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