Mermaids in the underwater tunnel

(Josh Lewis) #1

This request is from my 4 year old daughter.  She’s usually in the room when I’m on Zwift, and she stops what she’s doing to watch when I’m in the water tunnel on Watopia.  She just loves that section, for whatever reason.  But she requests that mermaids swim around along with the dolphins, etc that already do.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Josh, 

There is one thing your daughter and many more Zwift youngster would love and it might be coming in future. It’s “Zwift for Kids” Version which would be full of animated characters including mermaids and very interesting features like rocket launchers, oil spills etc. 

Please ask your daughter to hang on tight and learn Zwift tricks from her dad in meanwhile :) 


(Josh Lewis) #3

That’s awesome!  I want actually expecting a response, but that’s really cool.  My kids would love “Zwift kids”!

(. TomH..) #4

There is a lot to come Josh, stay tuned :)