Merging Training Sessions and Enabling L/R Balance Data Transmission in Zwift with Tacx Neo 2T


The situation is as follows:
I am connecting Zwift to the Tacx Neo 2T via Bluetooth, while the Garmin Fenix6x Pro simultaneously records the Tacx as an indoor cycling activity using ANT+ and sends heart rate data via Bluetooth to Zwift.

The Garmin watch can track additional metrics like Performance Condition, L/R Balance, and temperature, whereas Zwift relies on its own GPS-based algorithm to track the route and display the map. Both sets of data can be saved in Strava or Garmin Connect.

So, my first question is, how can I merge both training sessions into one record?
My second question is regarding enabling the transmission of L/R Balance data from the Tacx to Zwift. I read that the Tacx needs to be connected via ANT+, rather than Bluetooth, but I cannot confirm this.