Meetup Speeds Incorrect with Small Groups

Rode a two person meetup this morning and the speeds for climbing the epic kom were way too fast. Has anyone else experienced this? We were almost yoyoing past each other every moment.

Haha Wesley, I had the opposite experience on a Meet-Up ride this morning (May 10). Three of us were riding on a 0% grade road in Watopia and with a wattage of 200, our speed was only 16 kph!! That existed for about 3 or 4 km then, surprisingly and without reason, it went up to 46 kph which was probably the correct number.

Interesting - we definitely started with the 16 kph at 200 plus watts but then we were getting 46 kph going uphill at 5-7%. Embarrassed because it gave me a KOM crown despite riding at 230 watts. The “keep us together” function is a little bit weird. Thought it would let the person at the highest w/kg be the leader and then others could draft with a strong elastic

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Yep, I had the opposite too. Stuck at 17 kph until I ended the workout. Thankfully that didn’t reset our mileage or anything, but it did solve the problem. But then we were not necessarily together like before.

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