Meetup questions

(Steven ) #1

I’ve searched around, and can’t find the answer, so hopefully somebody knows (yes, I could test it myself, but I didn’t).

Question1: I created a Meetup yesterday for myself and a friend, but he never joined on time, so I exited and created a new one. Does Meetup allow late join? I suspect is doesn’t.

Question 2: I set the Meetup to take my friend up the Alpe, which he has never been able to do before since he is not at level 12 yet. This worked fine, allowing him through the gates to the jungle and the Alpe. However, once half way up, I needed to leave and I wasn’t sure that if I quit the Meetup, being the creator, would it throw him out of the event too and something would go wrong with his ride? So I left myself parked at one of the turns and left Zwift running until he had finished. What I wanted to do was quit my own event, turn around and get some free miles downhill, but leave him to carry on up the Alpe on his own. What happens if the Meetup organiser quits the event in a case where the other riders are not at a level for that road? Or in general, what happens to the rest of the riders in a Meetup if the organiser quits?

(Daren) #2

No. This post on ZwiftInsider has some more information about Meetups:

As for your second question, I think that once your friend is on the Alpe he’d be able to continue up it. You don’t need to be on a Meetup to use this trick - some people just “Ride with” someone who’s already on the mountain to get around the level restriction.

(Steven ) #3

thanks. Will give it a try again.