Meetup Only View not working

I organized a meetup ride today (2/13/2021) that started at 9:30am EST. I selected to have ‘Keep Everyone Together’ on and MEETUP ONLY VIEW on. The route was on the ‘Out and Back Again’ route in Watopia. When I entered the meetup and everyone was waiting on the side of the road in Fuego Flats we could still see all the other riders and somehow their chat messages were showing up in our meetup chat window before the ride.
With a few minutes before the ride started I checked in the Companion app for the setting I selected for the meetup and confirmed I did select ‘Meetup Only View’. The ride began as if the feature was not on. I could see the riders’ names in the meetup highlighted in Green. And during the ride we were using a Discord voice chat and my friends confirmed they were seeing riders not in the meetup as well. We continued to ride, but around the 4.6 mile mark all the other non-meetup riders disappeared as if we rolled through a barrier. I could hear my friends that were slightly ahead of me say the riders disappeared again, then when I reached that some point the non-meetup riders disappeared for me too. Then at the 9.6 mile mark the reverse happened, all the riders returned as if we rode through another barrier. I heard my friends mention it before it happened to me. And for the rest of the ride the non-meetup riders stayed in view. I have a youtube video of the ride with our audio, letting me know other members of the meetup were seeing the same thing.

I had a similar experience today. Meetup only wiev didn’t work. We could see lots of riders not part of the meetup