Meetup keep everyone together broken with latest update (Feb 4 2023)?

I have had trouble on meetups with the band as well — last Saturday and Sunday. We were kept very close together and speed capped at 22 kph on the flat sections. This happened on both RGV and Tempus. No one was in a workout during the meetup. I do not believe we had any late join riders for either meetup as well. Additionally, at the start of our Tempus meetup, one rider was sent several seconds ahead of the group. We could not catch up to her no matter what wattage we pushed. The rider stopped and allowed us to catch up, and then we remained as a tight group for the rest of the ride.

Thanks for the feedback. We are trying to reproduce the “riding through treacle” issue. Do you remember the route? We would love to see a video in case you have one available. Please let us know if you have more tips on how to reproduce the bug.

Hi it was on out and back again at 6:45am U.K. time Monday morning.

Here’s some more details. I just did a two person Innsbrucking ride. Rider 1 about 2.5-3.0 w/kg. Rider 2 about 1.4-1.7 w/kg. In the flats Rider 1 got about 2-4 seconds ahead and remained at this distance. Rider 1 slowed down and let Rider 2 catchup. On the climb in the city, it was like grouping was turned off and Rider 1 got 31 seconds ahead of Rider 2. This gap remained even after the climb.

Hope this helps.

Our meetup last night (Eastern 8 in Watopia) that was a keep together ride had the same riding through treacle experience for about 6 of us. We could barely get 30 kph on the desert flats. It wasn’t so much as if there was a “rubber band”, but more of a tourniquet around all of the group. Several of us tried to create some distance between the group by sprinting, which would normally allow one’s avatar to create some distance, but not last night (7 pm Eastern start). Barely made 40k when we’d normally be closer to 50k for the 1.5 hours that we rode.

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The two meetups I did where riders weren’t kept together were at 6:00 and 6:15 am pacific time on Feb 4, riding the Flatland Loop with 3 riders.

There were four of us in the meetup. The route was Greatest London Flat. No workouts were selected by any of us. We have another meetup scheduled for Tuesday, 2/14 at 9 am EST if you’d like to join us. Maybe the problem will manifest itself again.

I have made a few meetups recently and have noticed that the rider in my meetup tends to hang 20 meters or so back from me right from the beginning of the meetup. This is with keep together enabled. After a few minutes of me riding at one or more watts/kg than them they eventually drop off the back completely.

Thanks for your reply. More info about our meetup:

  • we were on Neon Flats in Neokyo, Feb 7 4:10pm EST
  • 4 riders: riders 1&2 doing workouts using ERG mode, riders 3&4 not doing workouts
  • rider 1: android device, had not downloaded most recent update
  • rider 2: iPad, done most recent update
  • riders 3&4: PCs, done most recent update
    Hopefully this helps you to figure out what’s going on with the banding issues :slight_smile:

Thanks Hugo for looking into this.

Just to provide another example of a route from this morning:

Route: Chain Chomper, distance, keep together
Rider 1: Apple TV 4k, avg 1.0-1.5 W/Kg (ride leader)
Rider 2: Mac Book Pro, Wahoo Kickr Core, avg 1.5-2.0 W/Kg


  • Both riders joined before the meet up started and stayed connected
  • No workouts being done for either rider
  • We were separate almost immediately
  • Rider 1 who was in the back got bursts of speeds during the uphill sections, lasting for about 2-3 seconds. At this point we were separated by probably 1.5km or so
  • Despite this, the gap continuously widened between the two riders. At no point were the riders ever “kept together”
  • This has been a consistent experience for both of us regardless of route, whether its a time based or distance based meet up, and regardless of which one of us hosts the meet up
  • So far we’ve experienced this on Chain Chomper, Mountain 8, Mountain Route, Turn N Surf, R.G.V. and Volcano Circuit, including the random bursts of speed for the rider in the back

Just wanted to add my comments about this issue. Perhaps there are a couple of issues going on here, because I’m reading about separation issues and also about no rubber banding. My group this morning definitely experienced the lack of rubber band.

Details: Big Foot Hills, 4 riders, outputs ranging from 1.8 to 2.5 W/kg, 7am CST, “stay together” turned on, meetup riders only turned on.

What I noticed was that the 4 of us, for nearly the entire ride, looked like the four horseman of the apocalypse, riding side by side by side by side. Rarely did we separate and that was only if someone actually stopped pedaling for a bit. I tested it a little during the ride (after we noticed some strangeness) and I could drop back if I stopped pedaling but then I didn’t have pedal very hard and I could easily close the gap. Here’s what tipped us off: a couple of us were commenting on how much easier this ride was and one other guy said that it was the hardest ride he’d ever done with us. We were holding a much much higher average speed for the route and finished it in well under 2 hours when before, with the same riders, it took us over 2 hours. We had the opposite of the “riding through treacle” issue; it seemed the average speed of the group was heavily, if not wholly, influenced by the riders that were outputting the higher w/kg and dragging the other riders along. Perhaps it was a psychological affect of the non-rubber banding and one rider felt he had to keep pushing hard to stay in the group where the others were trying to back off so as not to feel like they would surge ahead. Very strange ride. Had a good laugh once we realized the one rider had basically pulled us along the entire ride.

I haven’t seen details posted on the update that just installed yesterday; any chance that the issue(s) affecting meetups and keeping everyone together are fixed?


Hi everyone! We have just enabled our latest code for meetups with “Keep Everyone Together”.
We have identified and fixed the problems described in this thread and we hope the experience will be better this time. We are open to feedback, so please let us know what you think. Ride on!


So in short “Keep Everyone Together” will be different than in the past OR “Keep Everyone Together” will feel the same but with less instances of riders stuck at high speed?

It should feel the same and look more natural. Riders stuck at high speeds should be fixed too.


Thanks we will surely test it. “Keep Everyone Together” is 90% of our riding.

Does this depend on the 1.34 update that most people don’t have yet? Or is it on for all?

It depends on 1.33.5, which was released a few weeks ago. So everyone should be on it.
(but the new code was enabled today, not when 1.33.5 was released)

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Good news, we did a keep together meetup and nothing funny happened, we have not seen any funny things in a long time.

I joined late just to see if can break it. LOL