Meet ups too hard! So many problems with this environment. Come on guys

boy, trying to get our triathletes to come to zwift during the summer is a challenge enough.
But there are many problems and hurtles to get people using this correctly.
A few “very simple” changes could embrace a much larger community.
I’m sad that Zwift is missing-the-mark for a big opportunity with pandemic going on.

  1. Meetup - Should be able to join late? Why not? What the heck? People just don’t understand they have to be geared and ready.

  2. If they try to join athlete feature, look me up there are 100’s of people “near by” Why can’t you type in or only filter on people you are following.

  3. Near by athletes is confusing. What determines near by? National flag not working. We have people in my group using their nation of origin for their symbol. Filter on people or groups we follow?

  4. Workouts should be shareable for the meetup? Why is this not an option? Zwfit support tells me to use training peaks but I have to ask every athlete to pay an extra $15 so I can share a workout for 1 trial moment?

  5. Why no audio during meetup? Seriously, I have to type while I’m pumping hard and my TV and computer are 10 feet away? I’ve tried hangout/discord and webex. each one is complicated to switch between apps for some users and setup and figure it out.

  6. Companion app, ERG stopped working on meetup with workouts? What?

  7. I submitted tickets to support and they just say “Yes, this is the way it works.” Don’t feel heard. They say use this forum instead? What-ever. Here it goes.

  8. Can’t sign up for training programs for running and biking simultaneously. We are triathletes. Why would this limit be valid?

I’m wondering if there is another environment that works better? Maybe I should take our 100+ athletes to sufferfest? Anyone have any better luck with other virtual worlds and workouts?


Agreed, this should be an option and has been requested many times over the last 6 months, hopefully Zwift is working on it?

You can type in a name in the companion app to search for people to follow, I suggest using the companion app for this. Once you are following someone they will show up at the top of the list of people on Zwift when in the game on the screen where you can choose your route/world. We call this the world choice screen. There is a list of current zwifters in blue in the middle of the screen and your followers will show up at the top of the list. You may need to change worlds to see them, in other words if you are in London riding and someone logs on but has Watopia chosed on the world choice screen they won’t see your name in the list until they switch to London.

I’m not sure what you are referring to here, what nearby list? The one in the game when you are riding on the right side of the screen, or in the companion app, or on the world choice screen? Again, using the companion app to find people is the way to go here.

Another good suggestion that has been asked for a lot recently due to the increase of meetups. You can make a custom workout in Zwift. I think you can also share it (export it and email it to your team). They can then load it up and while waiting for the meetup to start (riding on the virtual trainer on the side of the road) you can load the workout, when the meetup starts everyone will be on the same workout and you can use “keep together” to keep the group bunched up.

Yeah, most people use discord which now has video integrated too. If you use your smart phone for this, assuming you have a PC or tablet to run the main Zwift app, then you won’t need to switch between apps.

This sounds like an issue with your setup or interference with the signal to your trainer, not an issue with meetups.

I’m not a runner, so I have no experience with this, but it should be an option. I thought there were some mixed training plans available now? Not sure.

Zwift has made many upgrades to meetups in the last few months due to the increase in users and the use of meetups to step in for team/group rides. So, lets give credit where credit is due. They aren’t perfect and Zwift will never be able to please everyone, but they are certainly trying hard and have made great strides making meetups better. The future clubs feature, currently in beta, will also be a great addition and help local clubs and teams organize on Zwift much easier. You won’t find that on any other platform.

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There is a training program called Multisport Mixer that does both running and cycling.

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.

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Why can’t you type in or only filter on people you are following.
I meant this from a “join a rider” that is already riding

Near by athletes is confusing. What determines near by?
Meant, I want to find people from my community, hear in Portland. Or close friends from the team. If they are riding. Can’t filter easily if I want to join them or view them or join them or text them. Instead I have to filter on people in the ride next to me? Which has 40 or so in each direction, of people I don’t know.

Companion app, ERG stopped working on meetup with workouts?
Just doesn’t work in Meet ups. Your saying its fine for you? I guess I’ll send a ticket into support.

When I have done a workout in a meetup ERG mode works fine. No different than a normal workout.

Nearby athletes means the ridersclose to you on ur ride. But i agree, its hard to find friends if u loose them for a second but its maybe cause i only use my phone, so its small picture