Meet Ups Issues-No link

For the first time ever, I was invited to a meet Up. Logged on as normal with Windows Laptop, everything connected as normal but…unlike when you enter races, there was no icon to link up to the meet up which I had agreed to go to. I disconnected and then reconnected using my Zwift App (not companion) and hey presto, the link was there to join the meet up. Great, however, couldnt see a thing on my iphone (its an age thing with my eyes) so logged off the app and reconnected via laptop onto Zwift but no link to my meet up.
Am I not doing something here?

Any help appreciated. Thanks


Hi @DWade_RMACC, welcome to the forums.

Is your windows pc fully updated with the latest version of Zwift, it should be automatic but please double check to make sure you are on the latest version. Strange that it worked on the iPhone but not on the pc?

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Hi Mike

Thank you for your response.

As your response came in I am in the process of clearing cache, uninstalling Zwift and currently doing an installation of the latest. Erosion of Zwift.

I have another meet up tomorrow, see what happens

Many thanks