Meet up events

Everytime in a meet up, my bike won’t move from the starting point eventhough all Speed, cadence & hr sensors are well connected.
For info, i had off the mobile data & use same wifi for the connections.
Even when i end the ride & restart to join the meet up, zwift will find the zwifters & assist pedal in 5secs, then my bike will stop again.
For info, i’m using Samsung Galaxy F20 SE 5G (android v.11).
I had updated my phone software, even unistall & reinstall both zwift & the companion apps.
My zwift apps ver is 78789.

What’s the problem here?

I assume your speed sensor goes to sleep while waiting for the event to start.

Looks like the speed sensor isn’t registering, the cadence sensor is showing 44 rpm, but speed 0.

Make sure the speed sensor is installed correctly, if it uses a magnet on the rear wheel spoke, make sure it is close enough to the sensor. Maybe it is too far away to register.