Meaning of category in "Unfiltered" Tab

Hi guys.
Can someone explain the meaining of the “Category” column in the “Unfiltered” tab?

My first guess was that it is the power value used to categorize a rider in an event. But these values do not exactly match the “95% of best 20min” values. Additionally I see riders being marked with “UPG” who have a category of 3.99 W/Kg. Since 3.99 is below 4.0,the next category border, this seems not logic to me, as well.

Has anyone some information about the calculation and the value of these values?

Good guess - its a estimate of the 95% of 20min before final race data is applied.


They Filter between the different staring pens. If you click C you will only see the unfiltered riders in the C pen.


That can be a A rider that entered a B or C category.

It is the Unfiltered view (well, my interpretation)…

UPG means that they entered in the wrong category. So for an example, a rider who is category A would get UPG if they entered Category B (if the race rules are set up like that).

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It the “Category” is a guess, I am wondering why it isn’t finalized after the race data is evaluated? Upgrades and DQ are applied based upon the correct “95% of best 20min” data. At least it seems to me.

Hi Gary.
No. I was talking about the “Category” column in the “Unfiltered” Tab. See the rightmost column in the screenshot"

Yes James, your right, the “UPG” I noticed were caused by riders signed up in the wrong cat (too low ;-)). Still I do not get what the “Category” values are used for, since they do not match the 95% values.

Whatever category is showing in their profile.

Found this in the FAQ …

In short races where we don’t have 20 mins data we will use a standard power curve to estimate an FTP; check Category column in the Unfiltered Results tab for that estimate.

So my guess is that the value is populated regardless of event length, but used for races less than 20min

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But the category column shows different values for each race/event? So this cannot be the cat power value of ones profile :thinking:

I really can’t give you any meaningful answer without seeing the event, but I’d also be apprehensive of calling out individual users. You’re welcome to contact me privately.

This is not about cheaters, James. I am just curious and want to understand the data shown.
Most of the displayed data is self-explanatory or described somewhere in the forums or FAQ.
Except for the “category” column. At least I haven`t found it.
Me mentioning the “UPG” flag above was just to show that I am unable to draw a direct line to the cat borders. But as others pointed out, it was a bad example since UPG is caused by wrong signups.

Dean, can you post a link to the FAQ. The one mentioned in the initial forum post here:

no longer seems to work.

Yep, sorry I misunderstood. I hadn’t realised that column was actually called category.

Based from what I*'m able to see and looking at my results, I think Dean’s right and that column is pretty meaningless for anything under 20 minutes.

Its part way down the first post (in red) …