Mayan Bridge Loop is misrouting runners [April 2022] [SOLVED]

Happened to me, exactly the same. So I sucked it up and continued again. 10 miles later, same results. It just sucks.

The only game play update for runners for over a year and it doesn’t work. How on earth are we supposed to grow the user base with this sort of support? It’s almost as if Zwift HQ is inviting Zwift Run to fail.

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Mistakes do happen. Hope they can fix it soon.

I guess it’s a bit of a chicken & egg thing. If a free beta doesn’t already attract a certain number of runners, maybe it’s not worth investing in.
But without enough investment…

Must say that the Mayan Bridge Loop does look gorgeous.

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UPDATE April 18

We continue to work on resolving this bug as soon as we can. It has not been fixed in today’s game release v 1.24.1


If it’s of any help to the folks at Zwift HQ and probably the badge hunters out there. If you select the route but manually navigate the left turn across the Mayan Bridge (the next left turn, and the left at the Alpe junction are done for you) you reach the Jungle Arch after 3.6 miles and are awarded the route badge even though the route progress bar has disappeared.


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Update April 20

Bug ID’ed. The fix for this bug will be in the next patch. Don’t have a firm release date for it yet, but we wanted to let you know and appreciate your continued patience.


Is the handful of gravel running route available or is that still event only?

UPDATE April 22 - Zwift game app v 1.24.2 fixes this bug, and is available for all OS platforms. Please update at your earliest convenience.


I still have this issue in Windows. once you hit 5.8k the bar is complete but distance to go goes to meters 2500


Unfortunately even with 1.25.0 the bug is still available on iOS for iPad and Apple TV …

Yep, the bug is still present on Apple TV. No badge for me!

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Ran route this morning and no badge, when i got to chequered flag it came up as counting dowm from c2700 metres…

Just ran the route and the problem persists on tvOS.

My wife reported me that she did run this route on iOS iPad, and she didn’t receive the route badge and it kept counting downwards.

Same here. Just run the route. I’m at 8.55km and debating with myself wether to keep going or not. The counter stopped ages ago.

Ok. I stayed on. When I turned left at the junction to head back downhill a second time the counter started again. Some 1600m to go. When I passed the banner by the waterfalls at 11km I got my badge.

Looks like Zwift also has bug in the distance info. See this thread:

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Yeah i had the same issue last night, completed the 3.5 miles and didn’t get the badge but have only just started running again so coudn’t run any longer. This video highlights the issue and where you get the badge currently (Around 10k) Bag that Badge | Mayan Bridge Loop | Zwift Run Channel - YouTube

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