Maximum Grade Setting

I have a problem with mit Kickr Snap and some very steep sections (i.e. the  London Subway Part after Box Hill) … if i’m setting the trainer difficulty setting to about 50% then i will always get tire slippage in this short segment and it is so annyoing that i don’t do the Box Hill Part anymore because it compeletly destroys the flow and immersion of the ride. 

I also don’t want to set the trainer difficulty lower because then the flat sections are way to easy. My suggestion would be to have a setting additionaly to the “Trainer difficulty” to tell Zwift that it should simulate a maximum grade of i.e. 7% so i can ride the whole course without getting annoyed of too steep sections (it should still calculate the power output in relation to a 15% climb so i’m not faster but just can ride it without a slipping tire)

What do you think? 

An option is to set a threshold gradient % and a maximum %. Under the threshold, the trainer simulates that exact gradient. Over the threshold, it adjusts the gradient. If the threshold were 2% and the maximum were 10%, then 2% would be like 2%, and 20% would be like 10%.

Of course, the maximum simulation would also be limited by the maximum capability of the trainer.

Also, Matthias, I wonder if your trainer setup needs tweaking. Maybe some other Kickr Snap users can comment on whether slippage on the London Underground escalator section (14% gradient or so combined with a 50% trainer difficulty) is to be expected.


I’ve also got a Kickr Snap, and the tire slippage indicates that you haven’t set the trainer tight enough. Don’t stop turning the dial when the roller just meets the tire, it needs more than that. 

Try making it tighter before you fiddle with the software settings.

I have my “trainer realism” set at 80% and don’t get any tire slippage going up the subway ramp. 

Cheers, and ride on.


Thanks for the Feedback, 

I will try to tweak my setup according exactly to this once more and will come back to this thread after some testing.

I’ve been through all of that and concluded that Zwift simply isn’t compatible with the Kickr Snap. I can’t get up any of the 20%+ grade climbs that the course designers insist on sticking into every single course. I always keep my tire inflated to 115psi and have done two full turns on the knob after the tire makes contact with the roller. I’ve also re-calibrated the darn thing more times than I can count. I simply don’t understand why every single course has to have some monumental climb in it.


If you are having issues with the big climbs just select a route on the course that avoids it.

@Michael - I’m sorry you’re having so many problems. Perhaps a support ticket is the way to go.

I’ve been using the Kickr Snap successfully for more than 18 months. I am able to ride (slowly!) up all of the climbs - box hill, subway exit, Mt. Watopia Radio Tower without any tire slippage - and I know there are many other Zwifters who are successfully using the Kickr Snap.

It definitely isn’t an incompatibility between Zwift and the Snap.

Again, sorry you’re having problems. Hopefully you can still RideOn!