Max Wattage with the Generic Trainer - 400W

(Craig Hoskin) #1



I couldnt find any reference to a MAX wattage on the generic trainer (cant remember its exact name sorry).


Id been using that as it most closely represented my real world intensity when correlated to RPE and HR and setting a level of “4” on my indoor trainer.


However for the past few rides noticed that when sprinting the “rider image” would never stand up … and despite absolutely flooring it (and what would normally be 700+ Watts) the rider wouldnt even get out of the saddle.  Times for some of the sprints were a good 5 secs more than what I could normally achieve.

Found the same on the uphill … and thought it wa sme getting worse until I noticed ity was always exactly “400W”

Why the limiter?  400W isnt that hard to hit for most trained cyclists!


Ive since changed to a different trainer and found a level which reflects my intensity.



(Nicole Sutton AHDR) #2

I’ve had the same issue with my “generic trainer” limiting me to 400w. My usual flogging of myself especially in the sprint would produce 700plus watts and a fastest sprint of 23sec. Now I’m lucky to hit below 29sec with the wattage limited to 400w no matter how hard I sprint. Which is totally frustrating. 

So after reading Craig’s suggestion of choosing a different trainer I will give it a go tomorrow night.

But I’m also keen to hear why there is a limiter please?


kind regards


(Richard Young (SpaldingTri)) #3

i imagine because the power is calculated and not “100%” that it is a general ceiling limiting all dumb trainer users.  i imagine the concept is that if your taking it that seriously that your competing for top dog stuff that you would invest in a smart trainer which accurately measures power and there would probably be a bunch of moaning if all the top spots on the board are held by dumb trainer users.


(Andy Walker) #4

I noticed the same thing last night - flat out sprint,out of the saddle in 53x11 and I couldn’t exceed 400w.

I’m far from the world’s greatest cyclist, but surely this figure is low?

(Tacx Blu Matic trainer)

(Philip Walker) #5

Switching to a similar basic magneto trainer solves the issue

(Paul Hillier (Montreal)) #6

I’m using a Tacx Booster on setting 2 as instructed and while my average watts appear to be accurate, as I get to 390 watts it absolutely blocks - no doubt about it. I’m on a 52 x 11 and have tested it on climbs, flats, you name it - it’s definitely maxed out in some artificial way and I don’t understand why. 

(James Power) #7

Glad it’s not just me was hammering it hard and hit 400 watts the display on my tacx vortex peaked at 1005 watts

(Simon Weppe) #8

I have the exact same problem. 

The TACX Booster reports a maximum of 390 watts even when on a 52 / 11 ( in top gear ) and cadence of around 110!

Zwift - has anything been done to sort this? I’d recommend changing setting 2 to setting 4 and re-calibrating. 



(James Power) #9

I’m fairly certain it was deliberate, I’ve now upgraded to a Tacx Neo even though everything was setup properly with the vortex including calibration and 400watts feels so much harder on the Neo than it did on the Vortex.