Master Draftsman to Master Drafter?

I sent the note below to the improvement suggestion box and the agent suggested I bring the topic up here:

Greetings! How about renaming Master Draftsman to Master Drafter? I am indeed an excellent drafter - but - I am not a man.


A valid point in 2022. Actually getting it renamed might be a far bigger challenge than convincing anyone of the validity of the argument. (Viz the dozens of other small changes that people have voted up here in their hundreds over the years that remain in limbo.)

I’m guessing that this pun on the name for someone (okay, a man) who drew for a living was used for this badge because it made someone spit their coffee out back when Zwift was in its infancy and the concepts of gender roles probably weren’t even on the developers’ radars.

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You’re both correct that it’s wrong. The correct English is ‘Draughtsperson’. :grinning:

But I guess the already rather weak pun then totally fails, especially as we go down the merry rabbit-hole of the many possible meanings of ‘draught’. So yes, vote up for ‘Drafter’.


Having grown up with UK English*, I was going to write much the same thing, but I did a brief google search and found someone describing Leonardo da Vinci as a “good draftsman”. After wiping away the tears I’d shed for language and culture, I felt I was perhaps on unsteady ground and wimped out.
*I’ve been working in and around ‘international English’ for more than half my life now and honestly can’t trust my instincts any more.
P.S. Mine’s a draught ale if you’re getting them in. :wink: