Marketplace Update in August

(Jay Z | NYC) #1

About a week ago, Support guy David K posts here to say :

“the best way to stay on top of updates is to keep an ear on our forums and app release notes when new versions come out.”

Which is demonstrably false.

Yesterday, Eric M. Is on Facebook saying in the comments that there will be an update in August with the new Marketplace and UCI Worlds Course. Many of us who follow this closely assume that this will include Levels beyond 25.

What is it, Zwift? Communicate better, please.

(David K) #2

This is the link to most of our general announcements and game updates:

I apologize if I didn’t provide that before, but I believe you’re taking what I said out of context. Our forums are the best option for staying up-to-date on specific concerns, game issues, feature requests, and bug fixes. Game changelogs included with the releases of new versions go into detail about what each new version adds or fixes.

It sounds like you’re talking about general game announcements, not updates about specific game issues. We usually do try to update our What’s New pages before announcements go out over social media, but on rare occasion, that doesn’t happen.

I can’t verify that the route update will include cycling levels above 25. I can’t verify that isn’t true at this point either, though. We are working on them, but until an official word goes out to the entire community, I can’t provide a whole lot of information. I’m sorry if that’s frustrating at all, but the level extension will be released and is in the works.