Mark Cote on community engagement

Some interesting comments in the latest Zwiftcast. Simon had an interview with Mark Cote, Zwift’s new Director of Programming and Content.

He said a lot of encouraging things, not least about the need for Zwift to be better at community engagement. Of course, we’ve heard that things will get better before, directly from the CEO. So it’s easy to be jaded about this and think “yeah, yeah.” But I though Mark sounded sincere (to be fair, so did Eric Min).

It sounds like we might actually get some feedback on longstanding feature requests. As I and others have said before, even a simple “yes, this in on the roadmap” or “no, we won’t do that” is better than the radio silence we get on most requests - even very popular ones that have been around for 5 years.

Time will tell of course!

Here’s the latest episode. The Mark Cote interview starts around 8 minutes in. The episode also covers the recent Strava “shake up” (razing to the ground) of Zwift segments, and in interview with Rahsaan Bhati, one of the key people behind the Black Celebration series.

Curious, how do you think this is going? Doesn’t feel like he’s been around much lately.