I would appreciate being sent a pdf of a map of the two routes or having one posted on the Zwift website.  This should be a simpler request to address than some of the other request for displaying a map on the screen showing your location on the map. That would be great too but I appreciate there are some complexities getting that up and running.

Hi Geoff, 

We don’t actually have PDF map of any routes. But you can find some online (STRAVA, Facebook - Zwift riders,


Hi, I think, as several other posts have mentioned, that you should have a live but simple overview map of the selected course/route (that may also include Strava segments;not just the zoomed up graphic that is there at present). That way we know where we are going and how much of a circuit or climb has been completed, we also know the implications of taking a turn or u-turn. Twice now  have ended up on a massive climb without warning, that I didnt really want to do.