Map on top right - Can I make this a grid style?


Newbie here, using Windows 10 and aside from a few teething issues, I’m loving it so far.

The map on the top right, I’ve seen screenshots where this is displayed as a platform grid (not sure the correct term). In other words it displays your position as a moving dot , which progresses up/down the grid as you progress. For the life of me I cannot find a way to activate this.

If i use my zwift companion app this gives me the view Im looking for, however I’d rather see this on the top right map view.

Appreciate if anyone has assist me here?


Can you post a picture of the screen shot.

I don’t know what you mean by grid style. Maybe you are referring to the old style, see post below.

yes, this is exactly what Im after. Is there anyway to flip this back to the old style?


What can i say apart from the new map has everything the old one had with a lot more detail.

ah well, i’ll need to live with it, just be nice to be able to have the choice though. I like to way the companion app displays each section , but would just prefer this on the main app.

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Hi Gerrie,

I received this today, but I think it was meant for another Zwifter.

Best to you!

Jeffrey Roger

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