Map and Route Changes


  1. Alphabetize the routes. The routes are ordered randomly for some reason making it a little more difficult to find the route you want.
  2. Double the size of the translucent gradient map at the bottom of the course map. It’s very hard to see. 
  3. Make the detailed gradient map 50% bigger. It’s also very hard to see.
  4. Triple to size of your location marker on the map so we can see where we are and what direction we are going. It’s very small.
  5. Reduce the size of the lap marker at the bottom of the map. Not sure it’s important to many people.

I agree with the request to make the GRADIENT map bigger - the new changes are great (3D, Zoom In, Zoom OUT), but these are so difficult to see on a 32" screen, never mind on the iPhone or iPad. Same goes for the LOCATION MARKER.