Manual Lap inputs

(Steve Szmilek) #1

I would love to have a feature in Zwift for manual lap button input, like if we’re to push lap button on my Garmin computer then this can be analyzed after using Training Peaks etc

(Robert Ast) #2

Absolutely agree. This is a necessary feature for analyzing efforts that are not part of a pre-structured workout. In fact, in a structured workout it would be great for each change in effort to be tagged as a lap to make analyzing more useful.

(Justin Evans) #3

I don’t understand how this hasn’t been a thing from the very beginning of Zwift. It has pushed me to Trainerroad completely now. It baffles me that this wasn’t implemented right away.

(Maciek Matys) #4

Please give us lap button this a must have feature

(Sam Hodges) #5

Cant believe this isn’t an option currently. Its often nice to do a workout outside of the ‘Workout’ mode so that you can feel the changing terrain. A lap button would really be helpful for this.

(Jill Seeman) #6

I 6th the motion, would love a manual lap feature.  This way I can ride any terrain of my choosing and if I wish to do intervals I can manually kick them off and then see these laps in TP or Today’s Plan for example.

(Omri Green (TIC)) #7

^BUMP^ - really need this for Training Peaks feedback!!

(Raul Luzardo) #8

Did anybody said Lap Button?? Absolutely, we need one

(Allan Watkins) #9

Yes please.  Along with average lap power.