Makuri Islands crashing after Neokyo update [Windows 8]

Then the problem is solved WITHOUT your idol’s help. And guess what, it was not my HW.

Why are you so angry man?

You came here with a problem and start attacking people who are trying to take time to help you.


You could let us know what the solution was, perhaps it is helpful for others, too.


FTR, I have the same problem, only Makuri crashes, other worlds are ok. It crashes after blue loading screen. I tried it on November 19, around 8pm CET, in case someone would like to look in some login logs…
Windows 7 Home Premium (I know…)
GeForce GTX 760 (6G memory)
Nvidia driver 388.13 (I know…)
Intel i5-4590 @ 3.3GHz
No antivirus, no overclocking.

You know - why not Win 10?
Ride on!

Nearly same problem. Zwift crashes when it tries to switch to Makuri. No Bluescreen. App is closed and I’m back on the desktop. No problems with other worlds. I already tried a new Zwift installation.

Windows 10 64bit Home 21H2 (no updates available)
Zwift version 1.19.2
i7-7700HQ @ 2.8 GHz
8 Gb RAM
Graphic NVidia GTX 1050 (driver 497.09)

Anybody an idee? Thank you.

Same problem here.

I use Win11 and a ‘good’ PC, Requiirements should not be a problem.

Any ideas?

Trying and trying at the end I can join.

Today, impossible again.
Everything works fine except when I try to enter to MAkuri stages.

If you can give me any idea it will be welcome.

More information (GPU, CPU) would help.

Take a look at this

I don’t think, that it has something to do with the speed of the PC.
First I switched the resolution in the app to the lowest. No effect. The app crashed.

Then I used another laptop with less speed.
Windows 10Pro 21H1
i5-8250 @ 1.6 GHz
8 Gb RAM
Graphic Intel UHD 620

No problem to enter Makuri with this laptop.

I believe GTX 1050 gets Ultra profile, HD 620 not - perhaps that is what makes a difference.

Did you read the thread I linked? Trust what @Dave_ZPCMR writes.

Yes I did and I have no reason not to beleave him in what he is writing in this thread. But it is a different topic. I don’t have an instable or low framerate. I don’t have the world at all. My ship sinks on the way to the islands. :wink:

As I said, it works fine on the laptoop with the slower performance. I will do my ride this afternoon with this one. It is a workaround but no solution.

I found another mistake. Actually Zwift makes an advertising for the Neokyo badge hunting on the left side of the screen. On the laptop that runs Makuri there is a graphic. On the other there is no graphic and you have no button to join. Looks like not my ship sinks on the way. Makuri went straight after Atlantis and sunk on this computer. :thinking: