Making sure i completed the route

hi pro’s :slight_smile:
I’m hunting for the working from home title. that means i have to ride the same loop 14 days in row.
how can I make sure i did it ? on strava I didn’t get the segment even so I did the route and went little more just to overlap 300 m’.
I searched the segment manually and it is overlapping perfectly.
what am I missing ?
thank you

You don’t have to keeo riding the same loop. You just need to ride, anywhere in Zwift.

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I think there’s a minimum distance you need to cover each day.

interesting, wonder what’s the minimum distance I need to cover. anyway im happy to know that it dosn’t have to be the same route everyday :slight_smile:
thank you for your reply

thank you Steve :slight_smile:

5km, I believe.

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