Make ZP categorization based on single 20 minute power, not average of 3

Zwiftpower categorizes people according to the average of their best three 20-minute wkg recordings in ZP-tracked events in the last 90 days. Why an average of the best three? The category is supposed to based on your FTP, which is estimated as 95% of your 20 minute power. So if you’ve hit that power, even one time, that should indicate your FTP. There’s no need to wait for 2 additional confirming measures. The main cheating issue right now in zwift races is sandbagging… people “actively managing” their power in races so they don’t go over the category limits and can stay in their category (even though they have the power to go over.) Very often, I see people who have clearly exceeded the cat’s 95% of 20 minute wkg limit in one race who don’t cat up because their 3-best average stays below the threshold. I think this should stop and the category should be changed immediately when someone exceeds the cat threshold based on 20 minute wkg. (And if you really wanted to do it right, you would pull the 20 minute best power from ALL of their zwift data, not just races or ZP-recorded events.)