Make your rider position (or watched rider) static in the rider list.

(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #1

The Ride On by the rider name is nice… up until you get a quickly changing list that causes it to move up and down that list… away from your mouse or finger every other second.  This happens in large groups when there is plenty of shifting in rider positions.

How about making the viewed rider name (and even yourself for that matter) dead center in the list, no matter what?

That static position makes it found in the same place for the easy Ride On click, not to mention you will always have a relative idea of a pack in front or behind since you (or the watched rider) are always in the same place in the list.

(D Gwreck) #2

And related to the request above, the rider list (for race events) should always show yourself and x positions (3, 4 5…) in front and behind.  Sometimes the list drops everybody in the race (because we’re spread out?) and I have no idea how far behind (or ahead) I am to the next rider in the race.  Show me my overall position in the race (ie; currently 7th) along with 3 riders in front/behind with +/- seconds. Keep it Simple.