make workout-plan info & progression more visible and part of the mobile interface

(sanne pelgrom INC) #1

Love the 12 wk ftp builder!

two aspects that could be improved:

  1. i need to go to my activity list to look up the title of my previous workout to understand what my next training should be, wouldn’t it be easier to just see what i did already. For instance, like netflix shows me what episodes i watched already.  

  2. i’d like to be able to anticipate on the next workout, and i believe the app is the perfect place for this. Now, the workouts are only viewable when dongle is connected and on my trainer. This is in my back yard, where its freezing. 

let me give you an example:

I like the variety of my workouts, also in length, i just need to understand what time i need to set the alarm clock the next morning to have enough time for the next workout. I’d like to be able to look that up on the app when im in bed. 

Thank you, you’re doing an awesome job!!!