Make-up Ride

When will the Eleil FUNdo make up rides be available? I couldn’t do entire course Saturday due to injury and it was stated multiple times there would be make-ups. Thanks!!

Looks like it was one day only.

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Just want to confirm that Vegan Cyclist (the ride leader) did mention multiple times during the ride that there will be make-up days. Hopefully, he wasn’t mistaken!

Yes, that is what he said. I would have picked shorter ride, but wanted to support a friend for as long as my injuries held out.

He wasn’t mistaken, but the make-up rides were yesterday. There’s nothing else showing up as scheduled, from over 3,000 upcoming events listed on Zwifthacks. They’ve been and gone.

Whoops! My oversight - I didn’t pay close attention to your screenshot and assumed that when you said “one day only” you were talking about the actual event (and not make-up rides).

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I didn’t find any makeup rides for yesterday. I’ve been looking at events and never saw a makeup.

Thanks everyone!

There were two make-up rides. They were held on Tuesday; at 9pm and midnight (UK time).