Make my Ride Ons in game a unique color

When I use the feature to give multiple Ride Ons to those around me I often cannot tell if I’ve given them to all those around me because others are also raining Ride Ons. So I continue to tap the circle until I think I’ve given one to everybody. Sometimes it is impossible to know for sure if you are in an active Ride On giving group. This is likely a waste of system resources as it searches to see if there is anybody left to give Ride Ons to. If most in the vicinity are doing the same then…
It also takes my focus away from the effort of riding so in a sense discourages me from attempting to give Ride Ons

If, in the game app, the Ride Ons that I give are a different color than everybody else’s then I could know for certain that I’ve finished giving Ride Ons to my immediate group of riders.