Make lead-in distances clear at route selection

Support suggested I shared this here. Posted as a result of getting “bitten” by a 7.5km lead in on the new Serpentine 8 route in Watopia, would be great to see a better visual hint that a route’s got a big lead-in

I know the map shows the lead in as a blue line - but in a lot of cases a lot if it gets covered by the actual route itself and it’s easy to miss. I’ve now taken to always checking ZwiftHacks to make sure I don’t get caught out - but I really shouldn’t need to go outside the “Zwift world” to find this stuff out

What might be helpful is an obvious visual prompt where the lead-in is (say) more than 10% of the distance or climbing of the main route itself - something like the example of Highline in this attachment (where the lead-in doubles the length & more than doubles the climbing!), except done properly by someone that isn’t a graphics idiot like me :slight_smile:

It seems to me like there is plenty of space on the right just just add the lead-in distance. This would be a huge help, and likely eliminate a load of Forum posts.


It’s a good place to start, and I’ve started a ticket to ask if this UI change would work well across Mac / Win / iOS / Apple TV / Android versions of the app.


@shooj I definitely think it would be great, and seemingly simple, to add the lead-in distance to the route selection list. There does seem to be room for it. The one additional thing I would like is ask is that this distance be denoted in blue, so that it corresponds with the blue in the map for the lead-in. Thanks!

Is it cruel of me to find it funny/ironic that my wife just got off a session annoyed with herself 'cos she did Highline and hadn’t realised the lead-in was so big or climby

I’d even mentioned this to her when I raised the suggestion on here :slight_smile:

I’d never really paid much attention to lead-ins until I got burned on Lutscher CCW. Nowadays I use Zwift Hub for route selection so it’s all clear in my mind before I set off.