Make climbs really count towards XP points in Zwift ...

After riding on Zwift for close to 4 months on my smart trainer, I did a little research on how XP points work. To my surprise it is “ALL” about distance (km) and doing laps or sprints(on volcano circuit).

You have called the island Wattopia, and smart trainers begs for climbs. So why doesn’t climbs count? I get 3 times as many XP points per hour riding doing the flats as doing climbs … that is a little demotivating … especially since you need level 12 (almost there) to do the “Alpe du Zwift”

My suggestion is to include climbs in the calculation of XP points. What about 20XP or 30 XP points per 100m climb? That should motive climbers!

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If you want XP, do ERG workouts and get all the stars. They can be worth 1000.

Zwift does not need to be re-written so you can get more points.

I know how to get points … that is not the issue. And I will reach the desired level soon enough.

Its just that if I want to get points in order to reach higher levels, then I should really do the flats … not climb. Which is kind of ironic since I just want higher level to access the new climbs …

Thus I simply suggested to reward climbs better in the XP calculation (not to rewrite Zwift), in order to make Zwift more interesting for those who like climbs (for me at last). 

And to simulate climbs is where the smart trainer excels, isn’t it?

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Climbs count towards other things that XP does not though. The only way to unlock the Emonda or, especially, the Zwift Concept Bike is by climbing. So rewarding with additional XP as well would unfairly penalize those who do not like to climb.


Zwift Game Design


Thank you very much for answering, and I see your points …

Its not a big deal for me, but as a “Zwift gamer”, with a smart trainer … i still think that rewarding climbs a little more would encourage climbers a little more …

Maybe an alternative would be  open new climbs like “Alpe duZwift” to Zwifters that had finished the Everest challenge or level 12?

My point is only the irony in that to open the new climb as fast as possible, Ill have to do flats …

Anyway, no big deal, i am almost there …

Keep up the good work. Ride on!

But you get a lot more points going downhill than on the flats.

In addition - why don’t workouts work based on kilometers?  It makes no sense that workout points should be different to normal points.For a smart program like Zwift - they certainly haven’t thought through their points distribution very well.

I know a lot of the people who ride zwift do it because they are into biking but there are some of us who are just doing it for the exercise.  I bought a Wahoo Kickr and ride zwift because of the gamification and points.  

What I have experienced is that zwift doesn’t really understand me as a market and can only see the real athletes.

Having said that, if you want XP for climbing you need to do it as a workout.  Preferably intervals as they get the most points.  Intensity doesn’t matter.