Major sensor pairing issues since most recent update

using the current version of both zwift and companion; zwift on a macbook air running Big Sur and companion on a samsung galaxy tab a. trainer is a cycleops (saris) magnus, cadence sensor is a Wahoo Blue SC and HR monitor is a first gen Wahoo TICKR. have been using bluetooth via companion for pairing with good reliability for a while.
since the last update i have twice had terrible pairing issues.
this morning, i tried direct bluetooth, bluetooth via companion and an ANT+ USB dongle with major failures to pair in all modes, across all sensors, which seems to point to an app bug. after about 10 minutes of messing about i managed to finally get everything to pair through companion and was able to get in a 30 minute ride.
but this is compelling me to get on the bike even earlier for ToW events in case i need to spend 10-15 minutes just fighting to get my sensors working.