Maintain power

Hi all, I’m following a trading program and finding it very difficult to maintain steady power reading. I have a slight delay which doesn’t help. Any advice appreciated

Try to get a smooth pedalling action, something like “kick the door, scrape the floor”. the power will always vary without a smart trainer with erg mode so you should aim to keep it within 30 w of target. Just watch the power number and concentrate on that, don’t over correct when you go too low or high, small changes like when you are learning to steer in a car.

Ben, do you focus on the power figure itself? I find that once I’ve found the right gear/cadence combination for the desired power output, I can best maintain that power output by focusing on maintaining my cadence rather than the power number per se (in workout mode, where slope isn’t really an issue). Totally agree not to worry about little fluctuations in the power number, and to practice smoothing out the pedal stroke as much as possible. Make sure your power is being displayed as a 3-sec ave also; it doesn’t impact the actual power output, but if you’re seeing instantaneous power figures, the displayed output will fluctuate much more wildly.


Hard to maintain consistent power on terrain which is undulating. I find it hard enough on the flat!
Of course ERG mode makes it simple.

Thanks for the reply’s. Think ERG is automatically turned off during the training sessions

In workouts, you should be able to toggle ERG mode on or off as you prefer (either in the workout selection pane, before you begin, or during the workout itself if you pull up the menu at the bottom of the screen).