Main screen distance overlaps with elevation on Apple TV

Small nit. Once the distance reaches 5 digits, it starts to overlap with the elevation icon. This is on the home screen of Apple TV version.

Where do you see this in game?


This appears to be from the login/select user screen when the app is first opened. I am in the mid-11K range and don’t have this issue, but that could just be because the field spacing is dynamic and a 1 in the second position is narrower than a 0. (In which case I would expect I may see this issue (again??) when I get into the 12K range. FWIW I never noticed this during my time in the 10K range but, then again, I don’t really spend much time looking at this screen.

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Thanks, I assume the Windows interface is a bit different.

Correct. This is the select user screen on Apple TV interface. Probably will have a similar issue when reaching 10000 km elevation :slight_smile: