Main profile activities not in sync with Activities

when I connect to ZP I have the main profile page, with my settings about weight, age, etc…
Below that field there’s a list of my activities, but this list is not updated with the list found clicking on Activities button that is on the same page. That list is fine, updated to the last ride.
It’s not a big problem, just wondering why this happens

The initial default list under your profile is the list of Zwift Events that you have done (organised by Zwift or community). The Activities list is simply a list of all your activities, which includes Events but as you noted, also includes your individual workouts, free-rides etc.

Hi Dean, the missing activities are Zwift Academy Road events, so I think they should be listed.

You won’t find your Zwift Academy Road workouts on the list because you did them on your own and not as part of the group workouts.

You will notice the one Group Workout you did does appear on the list.

Dean, Ian,
sorry for the trivial question,
many thanks for pointing it out.
There’s always something to learn :slightly_smiling_face:


Everyday seems to be a school day with Zwift nuances Giorgio :grinning: