MacBookPro Mid2010 macOS 10.12.3 NVidia GeForceGT 330M Zwift Crash fixed (for now)

I think my ultimate fix was changing the Zwift resolution to the lowest setting.   Haven’t had any crash for almost 2 weeks yet.  I haven’t had Zwift crash so much until macOS was upgraded.  I didn’t have any crashes last winter.  Only since I’ve upgraded to Sierra & the 1 before that did I had my laptop crash so much, even using other apps in the laptop.

There are other solutions that I’ve read in the internet, ie disabling the auto-switching on power-save, and installing gfxCardStatus (to display which graphics card is being used at any moment in time).  Note:  auto-switching is switch to On again on a reboot, so be mindful of it.  Although, I’m not sure if this does the fix for me.

Good luck and hope this works for you too.  Ride ON!  :slight_smile: