Macbook Zwifter 1st impressions

MacBook pro 2011(?) Garmin Ant+ usb dongle, Powertap G3 hub. 1998 fluid Elite rear wheel trainer. (Garmin speed/cadence sensor and Garmin 510).

Finally got this set up in reach of my WiFi fro a lap or so of the Island. It is super easy to connect and I noticed no glitches or issues during my 15 minutes use today (Short lunchtime effort - planned for longer but work got in the way…)
Video was not super smooth or high definition as such, but still very very acceptable and very usable.

Sounds: While logging in, the sounds that play sound like very annoying crickets - hoards of them - and are less intrusive during actual play. May I suggest that this layer of sound be user-toggled on or off on the log-in page?

Otherwise this is excellent! My 11 and 12 year old sons were very impressed too. They wondered though if turning the handlebars changed your position in the road and of course this does not happen - but it got me thinking: with a Wii- type motion sensor on the bars - why-not?! Something for the future perhaps?