Macbook update question

This may be posted somewhere else so sorry if it is a repeat. I was just curious if the Apple ios platform is different than the PC platform. I’ve been on zwift for a few years now on the PC platform and I love it. My girlfriend just recently got it within the last year and she really enjoys riding it also. We are just curious as to why her macbook seems so far back dated compared to my PC platform. My PC platform will update periodically but hers never seems to have the same updates.

Title says “Macbook” but post says “iOS” :thinking:

Macbook aka OS X - Zwift will update itself on startup. There may or may not be a setting to enable/disable this. Mine has always autoupdated on startup which is fine by me. Hence, I’ve never looked for a way to disable it.

iPhone aka iOS - Zwift app updates are pushed to the store. Autoupdates can be enabled or disabled in the phone settings. Even if enabled, the autoupdate is not immediate. If you know an update has been pushed out by Zwift, then the best thing to do is manually open the App Store app and check for updates.

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I’m not a big apple guy so that’s my fault. It would be the “os” I’m talking about then. I will have her look for a way to possibly turn it on. Thank you.