MacBook Pro(early 2011), Polar H7, CAD, SPD (Bluetooth) works perfect with Zwift

(Mikael Andersson) #1

After have read the minimun requirements on OSX i decided to try anyway and this is what I have: Macbbok Pro(Early 2011), iPhone 6, Polar H7(heartmonitor), Polar CAD and speed sensor(H7, CAD and speed are all transmitting in Bluetooth Low Energy BTLE)

Installed the software on my old Macbook Pro (2011) without any problem, logged in and could watch people ride. Downloaded and installed Zwift on my iPhone 6.

Normally I’m using my Polar V800 and its only using Bluetooth. So my heartmonitor, cadanse and speed monitor are all transmitting in BTLE.
Thought I’ve would have to buy an extra Blutooth dongel but everything work perfect directly. Just have to wait until the app on my iPhone connects to the game and then choose what course I want to ride that day, takes 10-20 seconds.
See no problem with the graphics even if its way down under the minimun requirements.