MacBook Air User

I have been using Zwift for two years, level 33 almost 34 with MacBook Air and Companion App on either Android or iPhone. It has worked pretty well with some minor bluetooth connectivity issues on the companion that flare up once in a while. That all seems to have changed with the most recent upgrades. I don’t know if it was an Apple OS update or Zwift Update as they both happened at around the same time.

The issue is I will be riding along with other Zwifters sometimes the screen will flicker and I will be by myself for a few seconds and come back in to the group. But twice in the last four times I have used it once in London and the other time in the Makuri Islands I have ended up by myself and stayed by myself for the duration of the session. Then I have had to force quit Zwift after saving to Strava. Today I noticed when I was forcing quit that there were two Zwift Apps running on my computer. This is particularly annoying when you are in a Team Time Trial and you find yourself cut off from your team.