MAC Mini and Zwift

(Ron Mers) #1

Just completed my first Zwift ride and was thrilled with the experience.  I have been researching computers recently.  I ended up going with the more economical MAC Mini (2016 with Intel HD 5000 graphics/$499).  My internet connection is cable at about 3.3MBPS.  Wow, glad I didn’t spend $1400 on a Nvidia 1060 GPU equipped rig… this MAC Mini handles Zwift just fine.  I just thought I would send this out in the event someone else is weighing CPU options with Zwift. 

(Michiel Pinarolo (Z)) #2

Go here to compare framerates between almost every computer configuration.

(Ron Mers) #3

Well, the Mac Mini isn’t the “best” option as the charts show.  I posted for people who are looking for a more inexpensive option… to let them know you can run the program on this computer if you are on a lower budget.  That is a fantastic link you posted.

(Michiel Pinarolo (Z)) #4

I am lucky enough to be in the iOS beta app for iPad. I have the big iPad Pro and the graphics are stunningly beautuful.
But… Otherwise i would be using my 2010 MacMini !
Such a shame that Apple is not upgrading the Mini anymore.

(Ron Mers) #5

You are indeed fortunate to be a beta iOS’r!  Great to hear good preliminary reviews.  It sure seems odd …or maybe a great achievement to take a program with beefy graphics requirements over to iOS and still maintain graphic and game quality.  The promise of iOS Zwift is yet another reason why I am glad I did not sink $1400+ into a gaming rig.  I imagine in a couple of years when I am done paying for my daughter’s college I’ll upgrade my IPad Air2. Maybe I’ll see you the roads of Watopia!