Mac Computrainer not working

(stefan raab) #1

I am able to see it in the setup, but as soon as I start to ride the computrainer display goes back to calibration and then I am never able to ride.

It seems to work fine with my powertap.

Also, do I have to login and setup every time I start the app? Seems like it isn’t saving settings.

Also onetime it started working with my CT in the background behind the login screen.

(Kevin McCullough) #2

I have the same issue and would really like to know if someone has figured out the issue.

(Kevin McCullough) #3

I was having the same problem and a friend told to hit the A key while in zwift to see if the Computrainer was still the power source. It wasn’t so I repaired and it seems to work now.

(stefan raab) #4

Thanks! Hitting the “A” key worked!

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #5

I confirm the same issue. Haven’t had a chance to hit “a” to fix, but I’ll try it soon. Glad someone noticed this.

(Josh Sakofsky) #6

I am kevins friend who figured this out. You all owe me a lead out for the green jersey if you are online at the same time as me, FYI…

(Hal Kingsbury (PVC)) #7

What kind of serial adaptor are you using to connect the Mac? My Mac will see the computrainer, but does nothing once I start pedaling. Do you have to do anything to the computrainer controller to start? Please let me know and thanks.

(Kevin McCullough) #8

I use the USB to Stereo Adapter bought off the Racermate website.

(stefan raab) #9

I’m using the FTDI USB to serial adapter that came with my 10 year old CT. It has been very flaky with Zwift. Sometimes I have to select it 5 or 6 times before it actually takes it. You’ll know it’s working when you see power on the selection screen.

(Don Seib BMB) #10

Same or similar problem. Zwift see’s the computrainer in pair mode, takes a few seconds and finally shows watts and then when you join the ride it drops the resistance/power immediately. Are you hitting “a” after you join the island?


(Don Seib BMB) #11

BTW, I’m mac mavericks with the ftdi adaptor.

(Josh Sakofsky) #12

yes, after you join the island and it shows your avatar sitting on the side of the road waiting, hit the A key to enter the screen where you can select your devices and re-select your computrainer as the power device.

(Don Seib BMB) #13

Thanks Josh, much appreciated