Mac Client Rocks!

(Danny Williams) #1

Just wanted to give some positive feedback. Have been using the windows client up till now. Just did the first test ride with the Mac client and it was flawless! No issues. Woohoo!

Not many riders on the island. Am I only riding with other Mac client zwifters now?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

You logged in during the off hours. The island really starts to come alive in another few hours after you logged in. Both mac and PC ride together - so segregation here.

Great to hear the mac “just worked”! Music to my ears.

(Kevin C.) #3

Don’t you remember the first rule of Mac client? lol… Mine worked great too… :wink:

(Danny Williams) #4

Lol Kevin C. I figure the cat is well and truly out of the bag now with the latest Beta Update email from Team Swift.

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #5

Great to hear! I’ve been running Zwift via Boot Camp and I can’t wait until my Mac invite. While Windows works fine, it will be nice not to have to reboot every day to switch OSes.

(Albert Quisumbing (HBCC)) #6

Agree with Danny. I did my first ride with the Mac client today and it rocks. Install was smooth and no issues during the ride. I use my Mac more than my PC so i’m loving this. Thanks!

(D W - ltb LMDGD) #7

@Aaron, since you’re already in the Beta, I think you can download the Mac version here

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #8

@Walter: You are absolutely right. Awesome, thanks!

(Tim Daloisio) #9

My Mac client keeps crashing – fairly new 13" Macbook Pro – so that shouldnt be the issue. Frustrating!

(Aaron Hughes) #10

Mac software works great here too. Using early 2013 MacBook Air 13"

(Chris Walker) #11

I’m extremely pleased with the mac client. I’m on a 13in Air from mid-2013 and it worked wonderfully in dual display mode (one of the screens was my TV in the pain cave).

Installation & setup was a snap, my mac didn’t seam bothered at all during the ride, My work skype was running, as well as several Linux VMs, everything just hummed along.

(Peter McIntyre - ZBR) #12

Yup, happy to see the better graphics on my Macbook Pro 2014! Just had to do some fiddling manually to turn off the Garmin Express so it would see the ANT dongle.

(Chris Cleeland Kiss (a)) #13

I just downloaded it. I’m not riding tonight.

(Rune Olofsson.100kg69y) #14

A top notch Alpha! It just works.
Tested keys and kombinations. Feels undestructeable! Well sorted out.
Changed USB connection on my Book Air (early 2014) and it connected direct without fuzz.
Also fun to look at races and clicking around to be within the fun without always cycling. Just [ESC] out of connection screen, Join and click around to follow riders and groups.

(Jürgen Waldick ZRG) #15

Ditto, the Mac clients worked fine! Happy to try it on my MBP, even with a mid-2010 model with only 512 video memory it still looked good and was reasonably smooth.

(Urban Gillström | SUMO | TT) #16

I went on my 40k first ride with the mac client today and worked perfectly. Easy installation (even easier than to get the PC to work).

(Dan Hirst) #17

MacBook Air 13" “just worked” straight out of the box for me too here in the UK.

I only got my Wahoo Kickr on Tuesday, Beta Invite arrived Wednesday & Mac client on Friday, so I guess I’m lucky! Many thanks for Zwift, I’m loving it.