Mac App error 112 with BleWin10Lib.dll

(Cory Samuell) #1

Brand new install of Zwift on a 2018 Macbook Pro. App installs without error. Upon launch the updater goes through it’s checks and enumerates all files it’s missing. It then errors out when trying to download “BleWin10Lib.dll” and this causes the updater to crash since it’s listed as a required file.

“[9:27:33 2018-12-06] Patcher: ERROR #Z112, FILE “/Users/jmayfield/Projects/ZwiftApp/CODE/Patcher/Patcher/Patcher.cpp”, LINE 544: Failed to download needed server files for update! (Last: “BleWin10Lib.dll”)”

Why is a bluetooth dll for windows 10 required for my app to run on OSX?

(Pieter Macquoy) #2

Looks like someone forgot to replace his local path … @Jon

(Cory Samuell) #3

I found the issue. It turns out the file downloads are going through an unencrypted channel and since the DLL was not compressed in any way my firewall blocked the file. Since downloading DLL files in an unencrypted channel is pretty risky I decided not to change the settings on my firewall (Palo Alto Networks) and just do a temp hotspot from my phone to get the offending file then go back to my network to download the rest.

I would suggest that the downloads get moved to an encrypted connection or at least zip the files.

(Cory Samuell) #4

I’m getting this error again. Why is a Windows PE file required for the Zwift app to update on a Mac?