M1 / Apple Silicon compatibility

It’s not possible to force profile. Literally says so on that page you mention.

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Well I have a GPU that falls under the high graphic profile setting but have modified the profile to include all the settings for ultra and then some. And the GPU in Zwift has a max resolution of 1440, but I’ve modified it to run Zwift at 4K.

The graphic profiles can be modified the other way as well to decrease graphic quality if you want a faster frame rate.

You can switch a few things on and off (and increase foliage density etc), but you can’t manually change the profile with the config files. Resolution can be forced as you mention, profile cannot.

Similar here… This is from Stage 5 with 2150 people signed up:

When is Zwift going to release a universal binary for the M1 ? There was talk of it coming out in December but so far, it’s still using the intel binary and being translated by Rosetta.

C’mon Zwift !


Sorry to disappoint, but a native ARM app is not going to magically make a graphics intensive application significantly better when 7 of your 8 CPU cores are already idle when running a translated Intel app. Just look at Activity Monitor - the evidence is plain to see.

The current Intel Zwift app makes use of the 8 GPU cores on my M1 MacBook to give results similar to what you’re seeing, but the CPU is barely ticking over. For sure, there is room for further optimisation of the graphics profile, but that’s completely independent of the whether it’s natively compiled for M1.

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Games are optimized for GPU’s all the time. This is fairly standard in the industry. It’s why for instance the latest version of Doom can be played in 8K on a RTX 3090 but that very few other games can. This is because Doom has been highly optimized for that series of GPUs.

When writing that it should be optimized for the M1, this is also what is implied. Optimized for the entire SOC. Today, it’s not even built for the platform, let alone optimized for that specific GPU. Given that almost all new Macs will run on this hardware or very similar, there is no reason for Zwift to not attempt to optimize their code to run on better on the M1 GPU.

Zwift has a great platform with great features and a very large user base. But its non functional requirements are lagging heavily. Lots of bugs, very sluggish performance. Time for them to slow off on the features work work more on stability and performance.

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Sounds like more of a rant about the Zwift development process and product priorities than anything about M1 compatibility. But as no doubt you’ll be aware, Zwift have a new UI in development, and there’s been chatter about alternative game engines.

But I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath, and I wouldn’t expect any major new features or performance gains on this shonky old current platform. Ride on! :+1:

For this type of game where lag isn’t as crucial as say in a 1st person shooter, I’d simply stream the game via the cloud like Stadia or GeForce Now.

I don’t disagree, but that’s a radically different architecture and cost model in terms of both server capacity and bandwidth egress to the current implementation.

True, but now you don’t need a Windows team, an iOS team an Android team… Much less in terms of support…

You still need client apps to connect to Bluetooth/Ant+ devices. Guess what broke in the latest Zwift iOS/iPadOS/tvOS update? The gameplay code is common to all the platforms, and that’s what’s holding back the performance on M1!

Has anyone else the same problem with the Apple M1 MacBook Pro 16GB ram?
Since yesterday i can’t use the Ultra 4K Resolution ingame. Highest i can choose ingame is the 1080P HD setting.

Yes, it’s a known issue. Zwift says it will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for all of this info. I’m getting a new MBP 13" 16MB through work and plan to run Zwift. Any suggestions on a cost effective monitor/TV? This will be in my garage and max size is 32-40". Just can’t decide between a dedicated monitor or a Roku TV. Appreciate any knowledge.

The limit of a 1024 bug was fixed yesterday. I did a ride at 1440 on my 4K monitor.

In regards to which monitor to buy, if you can swing it, I suggest getting a USB C based monitor that will expose a few USB A ports on the back. This way you don’t use one USB C connector just for the monitor… Plus some of them will give out enough power to charge your MBP. It sips power.

Thanks Justin. Excuse my ignorance but does that mean I should use a usb-c to hdmi connection? Or are there monitors that actually accept usb-c?

There are monitors that accept USB C. I am using one now. LG makes a few good ones. Mine is 4K.

But now that I reread your original post, I may have misled you. Are you just looking for a monitor that is solely for your “pain cave” ? Or is this a monitor that will be used for other things like actual work ?

If it’s just for your pain cave, then save your money and get a 1080p TV and get a USB-C to HDMI adaptor and be done with it.

If however you plan on using this monitor for actual work, then ya, look at getting a USB C monitor. That way you can plug your MBP directly into the monitor (no dongles) and most likely get a few USB A ports exposed off the back (say for your ANT+ dongle) and even have a enough power to charge your MBP. This leaves you with one free USB-C port on your MBP…

Ahhh. Now I understand. It’s just for the pain cave. Thank you so much Justin.

My M1 MBP used to show the ultra level of detail of the shadows on the bikes, but the last week or so, it’s gone back to the standard small blur underneath the bike. I have the Ultra option available to me in game menu, and also tested editing the high config file after throwing my most recent logs into zwiftalizer to up the sres value, but no dice.

Just curious if anyone else running an M1 machine is able to get the highest level of bike shadows, or just a blur like me.

EDIT: Running version 1.0.61590

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Hi Rob, I have the same issue, no shadows on the higgest config. additionally I have eliminated all about power consumption limitations but everything is still the same, I hope the new development to MAC Sillicon fix that