M1 / Apple Silicon compatibility

I have a little suspicion that still using OpenGL might bite them in the a**. Even native app may not help when drivers are not optimal. Didn’t Apple abandon OpenGL some time ago?

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Yeah, it’s already 2.5 years ago now. That might be the problem with making any native app work well. I can’t see them wanting to spend time and effort optimising their game on an API that Apple are killing off anyway. They’d need to make it on Metal, but they’d not want to do that separately to their other Apple stuff.


Or Vulkan on all platforms :wink:

Even Vulkan doesn’t work natively on Apple, it requires MoltenVK which I don’t think Apple particularly approve of.

@pure zoog
Some apps you get from the developer. Zwift is one. Go to zwift site and download.

I have no problem running either the iPad app (although it was glitchy the first time I opened it). I ridden successfully with both the iPad app and the Mac version. Unfortunately, the iPad version only runs in a small window. You can’t fill your screen. The performance of either version is more than adequate in my opinion. Of course, native will be even better. I really don’t ‘need’ 4K to ride zwift. I’m not a gamer. I do enjoy riding and enjoy zwift. The important thing is that it works and, honestly, it runs better on the m1 than on any other pc or Mac in my house… and about equally on my iPad. iPad version loads the fastest though.

Gang - the graphics profile specifically for the M1 is expected in the December release of the game.


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Thanks Shuji… is it December yet? :rofl:

Will Zwift also be translated for the M1/ARM platform or will only the graphics profile be included in the December release? If not, do you have an indication when Zwift will be available as a Universal Binary?

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Hi guys.
Should i download the iPad Version of zwift for my M1 MacBook Pro or the MacOS Version from the Zwift Website??

Pls let me know.

Big thx

The macOS version

Big thx :+1:t2:

Would love to know the number of people that are accessing Zwift on M1 devices that justify precious dev time* being spent on the graphics profile when there are thousands of people crying out about fundamental features that are broken on PC.

*Reminder: there isn’t enough resource to diversify a few avatars. :+1:


Bet you it’s being done by some excited Zwift engineers in their spare time.
That’s how it would happen where I work.

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Ha, fair enough if that’s the case. Don’t get me wrong, it’s right that they should optimise for a new platform. It’s just a bit of a kick in the teeth that they’re immediately on this when other stuff is literally broken for vastly higher numbers (F10 screenshots and windowed mode vsync to name but two), at the same time as telling us they don’t have enough staff to knock up basic improvements the userbase has wanted for months/years.

Sadly, pretty common organizational dysfunction. Adding a simple feature gets you more praise than fixing a difficult bug. Adding M1 support is easy when there’s only a single hardware variation to test.

Yeah fair point. But again, as another example the GTX 1650 - an entry level graphics card - was available for about a year before they added it to the list of Ultra profile cards. Was asked about for months and months. $1,000 M1 laptops are out for ten minutes and they’re all over it. The inconsistency is baffling.

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Apple fanboys…
It’s like a cult.

It would be better if they compile it for the PS4/5 and XBox.
Would be really simple, they are also x86/x64 with AMD CPU’s, right?
At least it would make more sense than program it to run on cheap smartphones and tablets.

I am totally in awe of the 1337 gang here.